“Dr. Hall is a preeminent instructor in the Chiropractic field. His commitment to advance Chiropractic education and its impact are truly inspiring, as is his clear message that Functional Neurology should not be separate from the foundational Principles of Chiropractic Practice. His mastery of this material -intellectually and from long-term practice- lends immense confidence to his students and creating this course for busy family practice Docs exemplifies his commitment to providing access to the education we need in order to give support to our rapidly changing communities. Being able to learn, apply and succeed with these principles in practice without the requirement of a Diplomate is a huge win. 

(It is my opinion that this course should be mandatory in every Chiropractic College in the World.) Unlike many other instructors, he inspires instead of intimidating; meeting students where they are and working with them. He also consistently returns to the reasons ‘Why’ we need this paradigm shift as a cultural community, which helps to contextualize the work and intrinsically motivate us to lean into the material. I am so grateful he also makes time to teach for the ICPA, as I may have missed him and his profound message!

Similarly, Dr. Michael Longyear is a first-rate instructor in his own right and is a fantastic addition to Dr. Hall and to this course. His accessibility and compassion create a natural affinity for learning the material he is teaching. 

Having a background in athletics and athletic training further inform his experience in the application of these principles to a diverse spectrum of cases.

This BrainDC course is a true gem in the field of Chiropractic (continuing) Education. 

I didn’t have enough paper to note the volume of ‘above and beyond’ material & examples of application that we learned in each class- I will take this course at least twice.”

Dr. Erin Sepic, VT

Having attended Dr. Hall’s 4-part series I can honestly say it’s been the best professional decision I have ever made! 

Dr. Hall unpicks the amazing potential of the nervous system and demonstrates how as chiropractors we are perfectly placed to affect and restore its optimal function. 

Dr. Hall takes a very complicated subject and makes it understandable yet leaves you in no doubt that he is at the forefront of his field. 

I can honestly say that Dr. Hall has really helped improve my WHY! Why am I a chiropractor? However, he has also helped with the HOW, how does it work, how can we use neurological principles to achieve outstanding clinical results whilst staying in an evidence informed practice. 

Since starting Dr. Hall’s course my patient outcomes have improved significantly (and continue to improve) especially now that I understand different ways to affect the desired outcomes. 

As I have gotten to know Dr. Hall better throughout this series it is clear that he is not just a great presenter and teacher but a great person too, giving you his undivided attention when you need it most!

Dr. Paul Whatling, Nova Scotia, Canada