The BrainDC Team presents

Functional Neurology Series for the Practicing Chiropractor

Do your patients feel like a number from a questionnaire?

Are you tired of exams that don’t convey the real value of chiropractic?

Have you considered neurology, but don’t know where to start?

Then this course is for you! Today’s healthcare environment makes it more important than ever to be confident in your practice. Transform your exam from endless questionnaires and number scales to a patient-centered exam. Develop your “why” with confidence and your “how” with certainty. Dr. Hall is known for his top 10 Neurology Tests. Functional Neurology will be presented in a way that will excite and enable you to transform your practice. You can have clarity and certainty in your exam. Your patients will thank you for it!

Module 1 – Fundamental Neurologic Principles

Course overview: The significant impact neuroanatomy has on our health

What you can expect to learn:

  • Practical overview of neuroanatomy made realistic and relevant
  • Significance of the hemispheres on our mental, physical, and chemical health
  • What is tone and why do we care about it?
  • The embryological development of the cervical lordosis and its value to our health
  • Use the difference between males and females to influence our exam, metrics, and care plan

Module 2 – The Neurologic Screen

Course Overview: Top 10 neurology tests to help you find a meaningful “why”

What you can expect to learn:

  • Analysis and exam method supported by anatomy, physiology, and functional neurology
  • The 10 Neurology Tests (and more!) for every practicing chiropractor
  • Hands on interpretation of “interference in function”
  • Brain essentials (oxygen, glucose, activation) are essential, but what about the ribs?

Module 3 – Special Populations

Course Overview: Don’t put your patients in a one-size-fits-all box

What you can expect to learn: 

  • Unique traits of Pediatrics, Athletes, and the Aging population
  • Tone and brain maturation in pediatrics. Should you use the “pull to sit” test?
  • Use those pupils! A closer look at constriction and dilation
  • Is it Dyslexia or Convergence Insufficiency? Strategies and applications

Module 4 – Neuro Rehabilitation

Course Overview: Practical application you can use on Monday morning

What you can expect to learn:

  • Augment the adjustment with neuroplastic patterns of engagement
  • Use high tech and low tech tools for positive health change
  • Building your resources: eyes, spine, brain
  • Now put it all together for better Monday morning results!