Recorded Lectures

Conversations with Dr. Michael W. Hall DC FIACN

Conversations with Dr. Michael W. Hall Part One & Two

$200 USD

Hosted by Dr. Don MacDonald, Dr. Hall is interviewed through a series of topics relevant to the everyday practice of Chiropractic with emphasis on Functional Neurology.

Part 1

  1. Brain Rules: Brain Basics from the book by John Medina
  2. Forward Head Posture: “You know it… they’ve got it” It’s a worldwide epidemic
  3. Science of Posture: Never has there been a more true reflection of brain health

Part 2

  1. Hemispheric Specialization: Understanding your brain – part 1
  2. Hemispheric Dominance: Clinical applications of Functional Dominance – Part 2
  3. Neuro Test: Simple applications for everyday practice

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