Recorded Lectures

Lectures in Functional Neurology Part Three

$200 USD

Three PowerPoint presentations with narration by Dr. Hall.

Neurology 308 – Vital Signs

Vital signs are no doubt “vital” to our examinations and the health of our patients. This presentation will take a unique look at our vital signs and the role of fitness in our lives. While we know that fitness is a heavy indicator of our, health many clinicians don’t readily evaluate it in the clinical examination. This presentation will open your eyes as well as give you some ideas on what you can implement on Monday morning.

Neurology 309 – Guzay’s Theorem and the Jade Pillow

Casey Guzay, a student of engineering proposed the Quadrant Theorem (Guzay 1980), which linked the roles of the mandible with the upper cervical vertebrae, Guzay showed that the muscle controlled pivotal axis of the mandible occurs at the dens between the atlas and axis vertebrae (Maehara et al 1982, Guzay 1985). Jaw misalignment and dysfunction creates disturbing posturing of C1/C2 (Fonder 1988) and it is these vertebrae which are intimately related to spine and head posture and neurological well-being.

Neurology 310 – Clinical Cases

This video is of course, very clinically oriented. These videos are not to be displayed on any other source or format. You only have permission to view these videos within the context of this course. Three primary videos will be shown and discussed at length with lots of great clinical pearls.

This is an online digital recording that you will receive immediate access to watch upon purchasing.