Recorded Lectures

Lectures in Functional Neurology Part Five

$200 USD

Each of the following titles represent a two credit hour course in an online format presented by Dr. Hall. The topics are especially relevant to the practicing chiropractor. Each lecture contains a PowerPoint presentation with voice over narration and discussion by Dr. Hall. Questions will be asked periodically to assess your progression with information.

  1. Tone – In the daily practice of chiropractic, tone is a commonplace term. It is used primarily as it relates to muscle and function of the musculoskeletal system. This presentation will discuss the subtle complexities of this term from infants to adult and how it should be properly used in chiropractic practice.

  2. Brain Rules – The human brain is traditionally presented in a neuroanatomical format. While this may have fared well over time little has been done to highlight how the brain is functioning. The brain is a dynamic and plastic structure undergoing changes at key intersections of life. This presentation provides the attendee with insight into the ever amazing and wonderful brain of a baby. John Medina, known for his book “Brain Rules” has now written a second book that explores the brain from zero to five years of age. We will explore those findings and look at the application to them in chiropractic practice.

  3. Sleeping Postures – There has been tremendous controversy regarding the best sleeping position. For many years, we thought that back sleeping was the preferred method for sleep. However, research has shown that prone sleeping improves oxygenation, reduces scoliosis, and improves the cervical lordosis. This presentation will serve to present the most contemporary views and up-to-date science on the topic.

This is an online digital recording that you will receive immediate access to watch upon purchasing.