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Should be mandatory in every Chiropractic College in the World

“Dr. Hall is a preeminent instructor in the Chiropractic field. His commitment to advance Chiropractic education and its impact are truly inspiring, as is his clear message that Functional Neurology should not be separate from the foundational Principles of Chiropractic Practice. His mastery of this material -intellectually and from long-term practice- lends immense confidence to his […]

Best professional decision I have ever made

Having attended Dr. Hall’s 4-part series I can honestly say it’s been the best professional decision I have ever made!  Dr. Hall unpicks the amazing potential of the nervous system and demonstrates how as chiropractors we are perfectly placed to affect and restore its optimal function.  Dr. Hall takes a very complicated subject and makes […]

Listen to Dr Michael Hall

Leading health specialist, award-winning author, and radio show host, Nancy Addison discusses chiropractic and neurological care with Dr. Michael Hall. Dr Hall expands on how chiropractic care can aid in vision, hearing, vocal abilities as well as alleviate pain or discomfort. Dr. Hall also addresses stress, depression and baby health. He explains why a baby […]